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If you are in Ann Arbor and surrounding cities, then Ann Arbor Photography Pros is your ultimate photography company for all your bridal, engagement, and wedding photo needs. We have the most professional and creative talent that will ensure that your big day is captured in the most unique and captivating photos.

Our services come in a range of price ranges and packages that are designed to fit specific budgets and needs, while still offering the best quality. We are committed to ensure that your wedding photos are the last thing on your mind when you are preparing for your big day. Our services include a complete breakdown of all packages and their costs, so that you can choose the one that best suits your budget, while still ensuring that your wedding sparkles.

Having been in the wedding photography business for years, we understand the stresses of weddings, and hence we strive to make it less stressful by making great memories, while you do the more important things. Our photographers have the experience of working with thousands of brides and can handle any style of photography including offer suggestions on what themes best suit your wedding.

Why Choose Us?

We are proud to capture the spontaneous moments of laughter, joy, surprise, and emotions that make for great memories of your wedding day. Always striving for excellence and greatness, our professional photographers offer natural and unobtrusive photography to capture the essence of your wedding. We acknowledge that this is your big day and it needs to be about you. As such, we take pictures that not only take your breath away and touch your heart, but also ensure that you have the opportunity to be yourself while we do it.

Our Wedding Photography company provides you with a mix of contemporary and classic photography depending on your tastes. We guarantee that your videos and photos will be amazing since we have employed qualified professionals that use the latest state of the art photography equipment and studio. Our excellent video production and photography is as a result of years of experience and training in our craft. By following quality processes we have developed over the years, we ensure that our video and photography comes to life, allowing you to relive the best moments of your wedding.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Photographer?

  1. How many weddings similar to yours have they shot?
  2. What is their style of photography? Is it photojournalistic, traditional, or creative?
  3. Do they have a portfolio of previous wedding images that you can look at?
  4. Do they have any reviews? And if so, would they be willing to provide such contacts so that you could verify?
  5. How many wedding packages do they provide? And what are the price points for each? Do they provide customized packages?
  6. What equipment are they using? And when will the pictures be ready?
  7. Do they have backup plans or equipment in case of emergencies?
  8. Are they willing to consult and offer suggestions on the style of photography?
  9. Do they work in conjunction with the florist and other event organizers?

Michigan Wedding Photography Services

We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive services during, before, and after your wedding. We provide a range of packages that you can choose or customize to your specifications.


Whether you require traditional or modern engagement party functions, we are on hand to offer assistance. Our services include

1) Post engagement formal or casual photography

2) Surprise or planned engagement photography

3) Formal or candid engagement party photography

Bridal Sessions

We work with brides to plan their sessions that include aspects such as

1) Manicures and pedicures

2) Makeup and hair

3) On location photo-shoots

4) Dress shopping shoots

5) Casual and formal photos of the bride and her entourage

6) Formal photo-shoots of the bride


Groom Sessions

1) Shopping for wedding clothes shots

2) Casual and formal shots of the groom and his entourage

3) Formal shots of the groom

The Day of the Wedding

This is the most important day and hence we go all out to ensure that we capture as much of it as possible. Some of the photography we will be taking includes

1) Bridal entourage preparations

2) Bridal preparations

3) Bridal entourage assisting the bride in her preparations

4) Groom preparations

5) Groom entourage preparations

6) Grooms men assisting the groom in his preparations

7) Formal shots of the groom and bride’s parents

8) Formal photo just before the wedding

9) The wedding

  1. a) Candid photos of invited guests and formal aspects of wedding

10) Candid and formal pictures of the exit from the venue

11) Formal and candid pictures of the reception

This is by no means a comprehensive list as we have more packages and options that you can choose or customize to your heart’s desire. Our experts are always on hand to listen to any ideas you may have regarding what aspects you need added, removed, or modified in your engagement and wedding photo program. Some of the modifications that you may request include extra off-site photography, photo enhancements, and bridal shower photography among others.

We use digital photography equipment, though we can also use film if so requested. Nonetheless, since we have professional photographers, you can be confident that regardless of the type of camera used, your pictures will be excellent. Film pictures will be typically cost you more and take a longer time to process as compared to our digital services. As such, we always recommend that you go for the digital service with which you can get your pictures in a little over a week as compared to over a month for film pictures.


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You do not have to engage an unprofessional photographer that will give you headaches over the quality of your wedding day photos. Engage the experts and enjoy the benefits of high quality images that will simply make your big day all the more so.

It is always convenient not only for us, but also for you to book early. By doing so we can be more organized and have more time to plan your wedding while offering you a good price. Nonetheless, we have done wedding photography at short notice before and they have turned out just fine, even if more expensive. The best thing to do when you have set a date for your wedding is to contact us immediately so that we can consult on the details of the photography you desire. Book early so that we can concentrate on making your day as superb and as memorable as it should be!

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