Senior Boys and Girls Pictures

When you are about to leave high school, it is important to have a reminder of your time there. This reminder can come in the form of a photograph. It is the culture of seniors to take photographs for the year book as well. However, most people end up with photos that they do not like because of how the pictures were taken. At My Posh Portraits, it is our duty to ensure that you have the best senior photos and that you will like them for years to come.


Why Take Senior Pictures?

You need to take senior pictures to preserve the memories of your school life. You also need to get photos with your friends, classmates and those with whom you share common interests such as clubs and sports teams. You may never get the opportunity to meet some of these people after you have left high school and settled in your various paths in life. These photos can serve as memorabilia.

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For those who do not like the common sitting or standing poses, you can get a photographer who thinks outside the box. The pictures do not have to be rigid and boring. Instead, you can choose to spice them up by including various interests such as posing with your musical instrument.


How to Choose the Right Photographer

To choose the right photographer, you must consider a couple of things. First, you need to find someone who has the skill. You do not want to work with someone who has not done senior pictures before. Getting a photographer with experience will increase the chances of getting great pictures at the end of the day. The photographer’s understanding of various equipment and how to use it to get the best shots is important. Secondly, you require someone who is creative and will think outside the box. If you have someone who is rigid and extremely traditional, you might end up with boring and standard pictures that you will not like.

One way to ensure that you get the best is to look through various portfolios before you settle on a photographer. The pictures that they have taken previously should show you what you need to expect at the end of the day. At My Posh Portraits, we offer you professional services and you can see our high quality of work through the various senior pictures that we have taken before.


Affordability and Perfection

In as much as you want great photos, you do not want to pay an arm and a leg for them. The key is to get affordable services. We offer affordable services so that you can enjoy value for your money. Unlike other photographers, we do not offer cheap prices and low quality services to match. Instead, our friendly prices go hand in hand with the quality of work that we provide you with.

If you would like to have your senior pictures taken, contact us today. We will be honored to capture your moments to your liking.